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Payday loans, what are they?

payday loans are loans granted by financial institutions where they give you an amount of money in exchange for which you commit to reimburse the amount borrowed including associated interest in a return period previously agreed by a contract.

The refund of the amount is usually made through the payment of monthly installments that are made up of a part of the borrowed money plus the interest that the amount has associated.

The amount of the installments and the amount is established by the contract between the applicant and the lender ,

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Macbeth helps you compare the best payday loans online offered by reliable banks, providing a more specific and detailed view of each of them.

With our updated list of payday loans, you can find all the advantages and disadvantages of each of the loans online , as well as their conditions and requirements at the time of requesting them and the interest rates and associated commissions.

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If you are interested in knowing more about us, read Who are we? and, if you want to know how we work, read about our business .

Financial institutions for payday loans over the Internet

The financial sector in Mexico is living a change to adapt to the current needs of consumers.

In fact, the Mexican credit market did not have a large supply of loans because the banks offered very rigid conditions that prevented many consumers from accessing this type of loan.

For this reason, new emerging companies dedicated to payday loans have seen a business opportunity.

Today there are many financial institutions that offer payday loans, but each one offers different conditions, some of which are more advantageous than others. Therefore, we recommend that you always compare all the alternatives that the credit market offers before hiring any service or financial product.

What is the difference between fast payday loans and other loans?

You are wondering:

What is the difference between a personal loan and other loans?

If we are strict, a loan with a personal guarantee is one in which the lender does not require an endorsement or any other material asset as a guarantee of payment, such as a property or a car.

Currently, payday loans are considered those that can be obtained with the solvency guarantee of the applicant , such as proof of income.

With this consideration, the vast majority of online loans that exist are considered payday loans because, thanks to the rapidity of the application process, no guarantee is required for loan approval.

Requirements for requesting payday loans online

The requirements may vary depending on the bank, so we always recommend checking the conditions of each option.

Look carefully at the most important points that you should consider and that may be key to the acceptance or denial of the loan application.

It should be mentioned that thanks to the competition that exists, most lenders offer many facilities.

The mandatory requirements that all financial entities have in common are the following:

  • Be of legal age at the time of loan application
  • To be the holder of a bank account , since that is where you will receive the money from your personal loan. You can also be asked to have e-mail and cell
  • Have a source of income with which to pay the loan. It does not have to be a salary, since nowadays you can have payday loans without proof of income since they accept, for example, scholarships, pensions or unemployment benefits
  • The place of residence must be in Mexico . This requirement does not have much weight since being a procedure that is done online, you can request your personal loan from all corners of Mexico
  • Current official identification with photograph

Urgent payday loans: is it possible?

If you need money to finance an unforeseen expense that you can not pay at this time, it is normal for you to want the loan money as quickly as possible.

For this reason, online financing institutions have been so successful in recent years as they offer fast payday loans as a more flexible and convenient alternative to traditional bank loans.

Nowadays it is very common to request a personal loan online and dispose of the money during the same day.

With the urgent payday loans, you will be able to avoid the most demanding conditions of the traditional banks so that you can have your express loan easily presenting a minimum documentation.

With fast payday loans, you can have the money the same day the application is approved.

Advantages of urgent payday loans online

The main advantages of fast payday loans are related to the speed of service:

  • The requirements for applying for online loans are minimal.
  • You receive the money in your account quickly.
  • No unwanted waiting at the bank.
  • Without endless calls by cell phone.

payday loans without a bureau are possible

With the modality of loans without a bank you have a comfortable option to solve any unexpected or urgent payment of money. Ask for it and you will have it in your bank account without checking your credit history.

In reality, these loans have become popular to satisfy a need that more and more users experience. Likewise, they benefit both the borrowing companies on the Internet and the thousands of clients in Mexico.

In fact, if we compare them with traditional banking, online companies provide effectiveness, transparency and speed to the entire credit system.

As we have already mentioned, payday loans without bureaus do not take into consideration the past debts that you have or any banking incident . In short, it is not necessary to check the credit bureau.

Not checking your credit history is a relief for many consumers when it comes to approving a loan, especially for those who have unpaid debts.

The Credit Bureau is a private entity that offers information about your credit history, but it is not a mandatory requirement for a user to approve a loan or not.

The fact of approving or not approving your application depends on the criteria of the lender as well as the evaluation policies, and that is why there are payday loans without checking bureaus .

You are wondering:

Is it possible to get an approval of your loan without a bureau and without proof of income?

Thanks to the Fintech companies, there are now platforms that offer payday loans without bureaus, without advances and without endorsement since they have their own rating system and take into account factors that allow users with a bad credit history to access financing.

These companies are serious financially and have their own methodology when assessing risks in order to help all types of users.

Is it possible that they ask for an advance for a loan without a bureau?

Loans without a credit bureau are without advances, so do not be fooled!

If you need a loan being registered in the credit bureau, you can request them without any kind of advance in exchange.

Aspects to consider:

  1. They are loans that are more expensive
  2. The return periods are lower
  3. The requirements are not so flexible and can ask for some extra
  4. It is a service that not all lenders offer

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