fixie bikes
56 Cm Burley Wolf Creek Road / Fixed Gear Bike - Oregon Made Fixie
Phil Wood Hubs On Velocity Aerohead Track Wheelset 16t
700c Mag Racing /hybrid Bike Wheelset Aerospoke Tenyrim Uk Rim Brake, Shimano
Nitto Jaguar Aluminum Njs 100mm Stem, 25.4, 22.2, Keirin
Kyokuto Kkt Njs Keirin Toe Cages Large Vintage 80s Japan Road Bike Shimano Araya
Two Shimano Dura-ace Njs Chaiings, 48,51t, 144, 1/8
Njs Chaintensioners
Specialized S-works Pista Track Bike Handlebar 31.8x400mm Aluminum Road
Colnago 49cm Track Pista Vintage Frameset (frame + Fork)
Njs Chaintensioners
Two Shimano Dura-ace Njs Chaiings, 49,53t, 144, 1/8
Izumi V Super Toughness Track Bike Chain 1/8" 96 Links Fixed Gear
Nitto Ct-80 Threadless Cromo Stem 25.4 100 Mm Track Njs
Corsa Fixie Bike
Vision Tri-max Integrated Alloy Aerobars For Older Road Track Bike (quill Stem)
Nitto 123aa Aluminum Track Racing Handlebar Pista 123 Anodized Red Rare
Lot Of 3 Bicycle Track Cogs 1/8" 12t 13t 14t Pista Fixed Gear
Vintage Arjake Jaguar Ii Njs Saddle
55cm Bianchi Pista Sei Giorni Frameset 55 Cm Track Bike 700c Aluminum Fixed Gear
Njs Chaintensioners
Nos Njs Jaguar Ii 2 Ariaki Champion Racing Saddle Seat Suede Golden Rails Japan
Republic Fixed Gear Bike
Njs Pedal Set, Mks Rx-1 Pedals, Mks Alm S-size Toe Clips, Toshi Straps
Volume Cutter V5 Track Fixed Gear Bike Frame Root Beer 53cm
Shimano Dura-ace Njs Hubs, 120
Track Bike Pake French 75 55 Cm Black Aluminum Frame Bicycle Fixed Gear Fixie
Phil Wood High-flange Rear Track Hub 32h Fixed/free
Vintage Xb3 1980`s Track Hubs Soviet Era Pista Unique
Nitto Jaguar Njs Steel Stem, 100mm, Keirin
Njs Chaintensioners
Suzue Pro Max Track Bike Wheelset Wheels And Hubs Japanese Japan Track Pista
Campagnolo Record Pista Track Bottom Bracket 70 - P - 120  36 X 24 F Italy 109mm
Rx-1 Njs Pedals, Keirin
Three Chaiings, Shimano Dura-ace Njs 47,49,51t, Some Scratches
Two Shimano Dura-ace Njs Chaiings, 47,50t, 144, 1/8
Vintage Ambrosio Champion Pista ? Handlebar
Hub Front Phil Wood Track Hf 32x100 Silver
Big Shot Fixed Gear Bike
2012 Bianchi Super Pista Fixed Gear Bike With Rotor Crank
Nitto Jaguar Njs Steel Stem, 120mm, Keirin
Nitto Jaguar Aluminum Njs 80mm Stem, 25.4, 22.2, Keirin
Phil Wood Rear Track Bike/ Fixie Hub 36h
Castelli Team Pista Jacket Large
Hub Rear Phil Wood Track Hf-32x120 Silversingle-sided
Suntour Superbe Njs Pedals, Keirin
Phil Wood High-flange Track Front Hub 32h Chrome
Bianchi Street Race Front Carbon Fiber Fork Pista No Brake
Big Shot Bicycle;single Speed/fixie Bike
Shimano Dura Ace Fc-7710 Pista Track Bike Crank Set 165mm 48t 1/8" 144bcd Njs
Vintage 3ttt Pantotommasini Pista Handlebar And Stem Lo Pro Pursuit Unique
Vintage 1979 Schwinn Exerciser Stationary Fixed Gear Bike Trainer Coppertone
Vintage Mks Esquartz 102 Track Pista Road Aero Pedals Medium Cages Made In Japan
Surly Steamroller Frameset 53cm Black Steel Track Bike Fixed Gear Single Speed
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Fixie Bike
White Rear Aerospoke 700c Wheel Fixed Gear Track Bike Fixie $220 Nyc Pickup
Vintage Fb Campagnolo  Pista Track Front Hub 36 Holes
Njs Keirin Kinugawa Chain Tensioner
2014 Euro Asia Imports Toyo Godzilla Lime Track Bike 62cm
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Ron Cooper Pista Track Bike Frame
Njs Keirin Ariake Vantage Jaguar Pista 100 Saddle.
Felt Tk1 Track Bike
Nitto Jaguar Njs Steel Stem, 85mm, Keirin
Nitto Jaguar Aluminum Njs 90mm Stem, 25.4, 22.2, Keirin
Mks Track Rear Wheel Tensioner Njs
Dk Mini Tracer Bmx Race Track Bike Neet Green Loook Vintage Bicycle Cruiser
2008 54cm Felt Tk2 Track Bike
Miche Primato Advanced Pista Crank Set 165 46t Tooth Gold
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Two Shimano Dura-ace Njs Chaiings, 48,49t, 144, 1/8
Velocity Chukker Silver Polo Bike Fixed Gear Bike Wheels 48 Dt Spokes Wheelset
Ambrosio Vintage Road Bike Stem Italy Campagnolo Pista Record Paramount Bicycle
Njs Shimano Dura-ace 7600 170 Mm Crank Drive Side Only Keirin & Track
Campagnolo Pista Front Spoke Kit
Van Tuyl Vt420 58 Cm Track Bike
Campagnolo Seat Post 26.8 Njs Keirin Approved Limited Production
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Two Shimano Dura-ace Njs Chaiings, 50,54t, 144, 1/8
Njs Kashimax Five Gold Fg-8p Track Restored New Beige Leather Un-padded Saddle33

About Fixie Bikes

Fixie Bikes aren't just trendy and nice to look at, they are a lot of fun to ride as well. They've also been helping to push the resurgence in urban cycling that's been very noticeable in the last few years.

You can trace the uptake of fixie bikes back to the bike messengers of New York and London. Although fixie bikes originally hail from velodrome racing they were a staple in bike club training rides through the winter, providing their owners with a generally maintenance free ride and helping to promote a good pedalling technique that was considered crucial by the racing fraternity in the off season when they were building up their endurance with regular long rides.

Fast forward to the messenger culture and the low maintenance requirements of a fixie bike make perfect sense for riding in a relatively flat city. As messenger fashion has gone mainstream with courier bags etc so has the desire for a very cool one speed fixie bike with lots of bike companies such as Leader, Chargebikes and Crate getting in on the act. These fixie bike brands all make some fantasticly good fixie bikes at various price points, from entry level fixie bikes right up to top of the range fixie bikes. The thing is, when you've only got one gear and one brake there's only so much you can do to a fixie bike to make it top end.

The most prized fixies are vintage track bikes that have been lovingly restored. Made with Reynolds, Columbus or Tange high end tubing these frames ooze style from a golden era of track cycling before throwaway materials like carbon fibre came along. Lo-pro fixie frames from the 80s with bullhorn bars turn more heads than the latest out of the box fixie bike every time. With a beautiful paint job and classic Campagnolo, Phil Wood or Shimano components these bikes will roll forever needing next to no maintenance.

Sizing a Fixie Bike

It's important to get the right size fixie bike to ensure that your time spent riding it will be fun and not leave you with any unnecessary aches and pains. Generally the size of fixie bike you'll need will depend on your height although do bear in mind that some people will have longer legs, others longer torsos etc so this is just a rough guide. Additionally you'll want to be aware of standover height – the amount of room between the top of the frame and your crotch when you are standing astride the bike when stationary. Typically one to two inches of gap is good here.

We've compiled a broad outline here of what sized fixie bike you could need depending on your height.

Rider Height – Fixie Frame Size CM

4'10” – 5'0” 47-48cm

5'0” - 5'3” 49-50cm

5'3” - 5'6” 52-53cm

5'6” - 5'9” 54-55cm

5'9” - 6'0” 56-58cm

6'0” - 6'3” 58-60cm

6'3” - 6'6” 61-63cm

Bear in mind this is just a rough guide as other factors such as bottom bracket height, sloping or horizontal top tube and top tube length can all have an influence.

Fixie Bike Pedals

The types of pedals you use will have a big impact on the way your fixie bike feels when you ride it. The main factor to consider is what sort of shoes do you want to be wearing – it might not be convenient wearing the latest racing shoes when all your journeys are just a couple of miles and you need to walk around at the other end. Likewise if you've got a 10 mile journey and you use flat pedals with trainers you are going to be wasting a lot of potential energy by not using clipless or at the very least toe straps. The pros and cons of each type of fixie pedal are:

Flat pedals – can wear any footwear you want but waste energy by not being able to pedal 'upwards' and your feet can slide off in the rain more easily. Rear wheel lockups are very difficult.

Flat pedals with toe straps – feet are held securely and can pedal 'most' of the way round. Can wear any shoe. If you do them up tight it can be hard to get your feet out.

Clipless pedals – Are limited to wearing your cycling shoes on the bike but transfer much more of your pedalling power and you go faster. Rear wheel lockups are much more easier

From an aesthetic point of view a nice pair of delta platform pedals with metal toe strap cage from the 80s can't be beat.

Securing your fixie bike

If you live in any type of urban area, which we presume you do, we have yet to find a lock that can't be broken. Read that again – We have yet to find a lock that can't be broken. Get good insurance for your fixie bike and don't leave it locked up in public areas. We always take our bike in with us and leave it in a hall, corridor or out in a private yard somewhere.

Fixie Bike Summary

As you can see, fixie bikes are a lot of fun as well as being works of art. Hopefully you can begin to appreciate some of the choices we have featured on this website.